The labyrinth has evolved from ancient mythological origins 4 000 years ago to be a contemporary tool for relaxation, self-reflection and personal growth. Situated at the base of the Magaliesberg mountain in the UNESCO proclaimed Magaliesberg Biosphere, [i]Labyrinth at Shelter Rock has a unique setting for this experience. Built from rocks gathered on the mountain slopes, indigenous grasses and aloes line the paths. A herd of Blesbok might watch your progress against the spectacular backdrop of the mountain.

The Labyrinth Gallery

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The Shelter Rock Labyrinth
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The Stone Cairn in the center
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The 7 circle path

Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth is guided by what you need from the walk – there is no right way or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.

A labyrinth creates time and space to look within and is a personal journey. Some people come with questions, others use a labyrinth walk to slow down and take time out from a busy life. Some come to find strength to take the next step while others use it to find the right question. Many come during times of grief and loss. Others may be searching for healing.

To prepare, you may want to sit quietly to reflect before walking the labyrinth. Then walking at a pace you choose, as the path winds its way to the centre and out again, the body relaxes, your mind will quieten and you emerge feeling refreshed.

It is a unique journey for everyone who walks, every time you walk. It is the journey of “I” – [i]Labyrinth – for yourself.

Afterwards, you can also choose to follow the Shelter Rock hiking trail and summit the mountain, or walk either the shorter Kloof route or just up to the Shelter Rock

How to enrich your experience

There are many ways to explore the labyrinth journey.

4LivingWell offers guided [i]Labyrinth walks at Shelter Rock, using a unique formula of identifying your issue, interrogating it, intuiting answers or solutions and integrating this new understanding into your life. On the guided walk, you are encouraged to pause at the centre, and sit for a while facing the magnificent mountain range while you contemplate. Afterwards, secluded seating in the natural surroundings creates the opportunity for some private time for de-briefing and absorbing the experience. Skilled coaches are on hand to guide you in this process.
Contact Margie at +27 82 787 9837

Where is Shelter Rock?

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