Youth Development

Empower Youth to thrive in a world of
uncertainty and change.

 At Shelter Rock, we believe in equipping the youth with the skills they need to conquer the unknown.
Our courses are designed to challenge, inspire, and prepare the youth for the adventure of life.
Join us in shaping the fearless leaders of tomorrow.

Courses and Workshops

Discover the exciting features of our courses and workshops
Mountain Hike for Scholars

Youths will experience the thrill of achievement when they reach the summit of the mountain.

A comprehensive pocket guide covering the Magaliesberg Mountain Trail and the surrounding area is provided for each student.

Suitable for grades 10+
5 Hours 

Craft Your Future Career

We assist teachers in unleashing the potential of their learners by providing learners with a methodology to craft their future careers in our workshop. 

This workshop also assists students in selecting subjects to support their future careers.

Suitable for grades 9+
Afternoon + Full day

Grade 9 Curriculum and Craft Your Future Interaction. Click Here

Crafting a Future for Entrepreneurs

This workshop is designed to assist Youth who have passed grade 9 but never passed grade 10 and could not find a job for at least 2 years.

In this workshop, they will learn how to identify and start a business.

Ages under 23 
2 Full days

Empower Prefects and Class Captains.

This workshop aims to assist teachers responsible for managing class captains and prefects.

During the workshop, leaders will identify their duties within and outside the school and how to execute them effectively.

One full day

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